Women with straight hair have too many options when it comes to styling their hair, one of which is curling it. Curling irons have become the best friend of women who have naturally straight hair wishing to sport wavy locks. Curling irons have been in the market for some time now, but the most recent ones offer users wider options. More and more curling irons are emerging in the market, which is good because it gives women the option to match their curling irons to their hair’s specific needs.

Curling iron comes in a variety of brand, model, function, and design that you can find on that’s foxy. When selecting the perfect curling iron, it is best to determine first what the hair needs, then match it to the features and functions of the curling iron. Before purchasing a curling iron, significant factors must be kept in mind, one of which is the barrel size. The barrel size determines the size and shape of the curls. If tight and small curls are desired, curling iron with small barrels is the best fit. Meanwhile, for big, bouncy waves, using big barrels is the way to go. Now-a-days, there are curling irons that have interchangeable barrels which is a good buy if the user wants to wear different types of curls and waves.

Another important feature to look for is the heat adjustment factor. Different types of hair call for different heat settings, so it is best if the curling iron gives the user an option to easily adjust the heat setting. If the hair is thick and has volume, a curling iron that can be set in high heat is ideal; but for fine hair, low heat is recommended to avoid burning and damaging its thin strands. Take note also that the faster the barrel heats, the less it consumes time in curling the hair.

Curling irons are made of different materials, and the most-common ones are ceramic, brush and metal. Because not all hairs are of the same volume, length, shape and condition, it is just right that curling irons come in different materials as well. Among the different materials, ceramic emerges as the most-popular because it has been proven to be the kindest to the hair: no damage, promotes moisture, and prevents dryness. Metal, on the other hand, is favored by those with very fine strands of hair because it makes use of steam, rather than direct heat, in curling the hair.

There are also few features to take into consideration, such as the designs that make the curling iron easy and comfortable to use. For instance, if the user travels a lot or if the user has a short hair, a small-sized curling iron will do. There are also designs such as the cordless curling iron, clipless curling iron, home-use curling iron, professional-use curling iron, so on and so forth. When looking for the perfect curling iron, it is a matter of knowing what the hair requires and what features fit the specific need.